Hello Friends,

This isn't the easiest thing to talk about but it happens to every man. How did you feel when you could not sexually perform? It's a low, depressing feeling my friend. It almost makes you feel like less of a man and you don't even want to approach women, just to avoid the failure. I tried all the pills, kegel exercises, pumps, rings, and I even used injections. Yes, I paid over a thousand dollars so I could inject medication into my penis! As you can imagine this was extremely uncomfortable, painful, and inconvenient. The product would only work half the time. There would be unexpected opportunities and you can imagine how difficult it would be for me to find the time, and place to inject myself. 

I started having problems with my erection at the age of 18. I was confused as to why I was having complications because I was young and healthy. I was miserable. When it came to having sex, most of my partners they thought I was not attracted to them. I tried to tell them I had Erectile Dysfunction but that didn't make them feel any better. As we all know, most women are emotionally based, so it would be too late once their feelings got hurt. I was lucky to have been able to experience a couple long-term relationships, but my problem ultimately caused my relationships to become impotent as well. They tried to be understanding, but people can only be understanding for so long, and they also became sexually frustrated. That frustration led to a lot of arguments and there was NOTHING I could do about it. I felt helpless.

I tried so many things to fix my ED and spent a fortune in the process. I started experiencing depression and didn’t even bother talking to women. I was sick and tired of going through the same disappointing situation, over and over again. One day I came across an article on Iron Crotch Qigong. A little background information for those who aren't too familiar with it. Iron Crotch Qigong originated over a thousand years ago and was practiced by Shaolin Monks. They were trying to strengthen their lower abdominal region and genitals, in order to protect it from impact. By doing specific exercises and breathing techniques they were able to achieve this. Another benefit was discovered which was cured impotence and premature ejaculation. These teachings were never available to outsiders and kept behind closed doors for many years. Only recently for about the past 50 years has this been available to the outside world.

Considering everything I went through and how I was feeling, I became desperate. Fortunately, I found a school nearby and started taking classes. I will admit, it was very awkward doing strange exercises and breathing techniques in a room full of other men, but I got use to it. I was willing to do whatever it took to fix my problem. After my first week there was a shift. I started to have morning erections again! From there everything changed. I felt confident. I was dating again...I felt happy.

I know how you all feel and you don't have to feel this way anymore. Imagine not having to worry about losing your erection. Picture yourself having full sexual confidence when you are with women. Think about how that would make you feel and how happy you and your partner would be. 

I would love to share this information with you so that you can really LIVE your life. All of the information is provided in an e-book with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, and detailed photographs. I eliminated and changed specific Iron Crotch terminology so that the instructions will be easy to follow and understand. Everything is straight to the point and there are no fillers. I know your time is important and I have no intentions on wasting it.

This e-book is perfect for those who may not feel comfortable taking classes. Maybe you want to save money because the actual classes will cost you thousands of dollars. Maybe you don’t want to risk the harmful side effects of pills. Maybe nothing has worked for you and this is your last hope. Whatever the reason, this is a small investment for your future sex life, happiness, and well-being.

As you can imagine, the value of this information is tremendous, but I'm handing it to you for $29.95. I want to help as many of you as I can, and make this affordable as well. As a bonus I'm adding free Health & Diet tips that can be used to supplement your training, and help you shed unwanted body fat. These tips can help ENERGIZE you and make you feel better about yourself! This diet has been tested and proven effective. 

I am also including a second bonus. For years, I have been attending seminars and studying the secrets of attraction. After dating hundreds of women, I created a blueprint that can help ANYONE attract the opposite sex! I made this formula simple enough for everyone to understand, digest, and implement. 

Think about it, $29.95 for an amazing sex life, incredible health, and attracting more women. You will waste that much and more on things you don't even need. Take control of your sex life and make the transition I made. I would love for you all to feel the way I do. I wish you all well, and I wish you all a happy sex life. 

Take care my friends,

Michael Chan

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